Titanfall 2: 2016’s Most Underrated Game

Click here to see Titanfall 2’s frantic multiplayer 
The first Titanfall was established as a fast paced, parkour intense, shooter, with giant mechs to boot. It stands out as one of the few new AAA IP’s to come to gaming in the last several years, and yet, it doesn’t seem to be able to hold onto a player base. 

There were noteable criticisms with the first game, lack of single player campaign to tell a story that was constantly hinted at, but never really fleshed out during the Multiplayer-only battles voice overs. Though the core gameplay was absolutely spot on with a system of checks and balances that allowed players to be able to dominate the field whether they were in a titan or not.

Titanfall 2 seems to fall into this issue of obscurity as well even though it fixes many of the critisicms of the first game. A single player campaign that told an interesting enough story with strong dialogue and interactions between the pilot and titan, helps to get players invested into the world(s) of Titanfall. Multiplayer is still just as strong as the first title- fast paced, often frantic battles, are enjoyable and are approachable to new players competing against long time players with all the unlocked weapons and gear (no where near the same lopsided benefits to veteran or long time players when pitted against newcomers as in the Battlefield or CoD series, but yet still enough incentive to progress through the multiplayer stages). 

It probably would have faired better had EA not made the puzzling decision to launch it within weeks of a new entry in the long established FPS,  Battlefield. In a season inundated with futuristic shooters like Infinite Warfare, releasing Titanfall 2 along with an FPS that looks to the past was an obvious mistake.

It is a game series that seems to do whatever it can to make things right by its players, and it’s disappointing that it seems to go unnoticed by so many. 


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