No one cares

The whole election is absurd and it seems like everyone is distracted by the political opponent rather than examining the whole rigged setup, like dead people being registered to vote, which isn’t new but no one did anything when Christine Gregoire got elected by dead people (on top of winning by a smaller margin than what she demanded a recount on), and most likely no one will do anything now.

No one cares that Obama declared beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump WILL NOT win the election, which strongly implies he already knows the results of the November election that no one has voted for yet. (Please don’t confuse this as support for Trump, it’s not, just pointing out how scary it is that someone already knows the outcome of an election that hasn’t happened yet)

No one cares that Hillary is as corrupt as they come, as pointed out by Sanders, Obama, and every other opponent she has ever had.

No one cares that Bill Clinton is one of the biggest violators of women’s rights to be in office in the last hundred years.

No one cares that the whole Epipen price hike was implemented by DEMOCRAT whose daddy is a long running DEMOCRAT senator, (i.e. not a Republican who everyone accuses of being heartless bastards who do things like this, which to me screams that everyone is capable of this stuff, and it is not something that can be divided by party lines).

No one seems to notice that the same policies that they support, like welfare and universal healthcare, also promotes the same entitled mindset of “hey, I’m the customer (not patient because they aren’t patients anymore, they’re customers), and if I want Dilaudid because my meth is wearing off, which I’m on because the state allows me to sit on my ass and not work a day in my life so all I have to do is shoot meth and smoke cigarettes and weed, then I damn well better get it. And while you’re at it, I need pillows under my feet and 10 cups of chocolate ice cream even though my blood sugar is 482.” That is not to say that people don’t have real reasons to be on it, but I have yet to meet one of them but I’ve met DOZENS of the others and every one of them carries an apple health and an EBT card, which they then take to the nearest ATM to withdraw some cash to buy a 18 pack of beer while their 5 kids wear clothes little more than rags, but they are too busy on their iPhone 6s plus to notice.

No one cares that our government hands guns out to Mexican Cartels, but then says American Citizens shouldn’t have them.

No one cares that mental health care in this country is next to nonexistent.

No one cares that American veterans are committing suicide left and right.

No one cares that many retired police officers commit suicide within the first few years of retirement.

No one cares that the US has given more aid to other countries, in both terms of manpower and dollars, than almost every other country put together.

No one cares that a man of such low moral fiber, that just spouts whatever pops into his head, is running for the highest office in the country.

No one cares that he doesn’t put one ounce of thought in anything he says or does and yet is running for office.

No one cares that the two main political parties are all part of the same clique and have been for decades.

No one cares that the media shows only one viewpoint and has no interest in showing opposing viewpoints, or if they do show any opposing viewpoints, they show it in a way that demeans the other viewpoint without any real evidence.

No one cares that personal responsibility is going out the window and has been replaced with blaming society for their own actions.

No one cares that the DNC rigged an election, we have proof of it, the guy who got screwed isn’t upset about it, but the Russians are to blame for “tampering with an election”

No one cares that Snowden is a fugitive for revealing how much the government is invading our privacy, but Hillary is allowed to send CLEARLY marked classified information on her own email server and the head of the FBI uses words like “careless” and “negligent” to describe her.

No one cares that the people who are in charge of the debates, who answer directly to the democrat and republican parties, won’t allow any other political party to be on the same stage, ensuring the stagnation of ideas that has gotten us to the deplorable state we are in now.

No one cares that most of the political memes and cartoons and pictures, are either photoshopped or are complete falsifications or manufactured quotes.

No one cares that most of the people developing clean energy or alternative fuel cars are letting themselves be bought out by gas companies.

No one cares that mankind has not evolved socially since civilization has begun, we’ve only changed the ways we get to the same results. (War, brutality, mankind’s general inhumanity towards itself)

No one cares that people are against capital punishment for psychos and sociopaths, but will think nothing of aborting an unborn child whose only crime is being an inconvenience to irresponsible parents. (NOT counting those who are victims of rape, and also not saying that those children should be subject to be raised by people stupid enough to not realize that unprotected sex will eventually lead to pregnancy like it has for all vertebrates for billions of years. There are other solutions that no one will consider because it’s not politically correct to do so.)

Speaking of political correctness, No one cares that it is just another name for censorship and that if we were just respectful to each other in our discussions and in our daily lives (respect: archaic term for treating others with dignity, being polite, etc.) then we could stand a chance at making some progress with issues that have plagued Humanity since the beginning of civilization.

No one cares that History is repeating itself.


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